Scent Story: Floral Royale

Our Floral Royale scented candle has proven to be very popular. After initially releasing our first three scents (Plum & Pomegranate, Honey & Tobacco and Persian Rugs), we looked at where our current scented candles sat in the fragrance spectrum (see The Ultimate Scented Candle Buying Guide) and decided that we needed a fresh/floral scented candle. 

The idea behind Floral Royale was to create a candle that would bring joy to a space. We wanted a smell that would evoke a sense of familiarity and that people would want to smell over and over again. Initially, we struggled to settle on a universal smell that beyond reasonable doubt, everyone would love. Then one Tuesday afternoon, we were unassumingly hanging up some laundry and hey presto! We are yet to meet anyone who doesn't like the smell of freshly washed clothes! We wanted to recreate that feeling of bringing freshly washed linen up to your nose and taking in all that goodness. Our Floral Royale Candle is great for homes, especially during the day or when giving your home a once over.

Our Floral Royale scented candle is available in two sizes and you can check them out here.