About us



Celona London is a home fragrance lifestyle company based in London. We are passionate about home fragrance and we create high quality soy wax candles that you can be proud of owning.

We have long been fascinated by the many attributes a candle possesses. The look, the feel, the smell of a candle has the ability to completely transform the ambiance of the environment it occupies. For us Humans, it can be a vehicle for truth. Stimulating the parts of brain that affect our mental state, our mood and our memory.

The seed of Celona was planted a few years ago. We would often visit many different homes, hotels and offices and observe how the environment made us feel. Inconspicuously, we would survey our surroundings looking at the details, the colours, shapes, the smell and how items were arranged. One thing that always stayed with us is how candles played a pivotal role in manipulating the look and feel of a space, and they way we felt.

Having a background in and immense passion for Product and Interior Design, Celona derives a lot of inspiration from Minimalism. Our intention is to remove the excess clutter and allow the design and fragrance to take center stage.

We understand that candles are used in spaces for their aesthetic appeal, just as much as they are for their scent, so we have brought together both form and function in a simple but sophisticated way.

We chose to use soy wax because it has many benefits including being derived from a renewable source (Soybean), its low melting point and its ability to hold and release fragrances very well. When you couple this with our use of cotton-linen wicks, we can achieve a much slower and cleaner burn compared to other wax types.

We sincerely hope that you enjoy the company of our candles and that they bring you the same joy and satisfaction we received in making them.

The Celona Team.