Scent Story: Agarwood Oud

We have decided to do a mini series of blog posts around our scented candles. In this mini series, we are going to delve a little bit deeper into the story behind all of our scents, why we chose them and what they mean to us. It will be a light read and we aim to give you a bit more background behind each of our scented candles. First up… Agarwood Oud.


Oud is very popular amongst casuals and fragrance enthusiasts alike. Oud is derived from tropical Agar tree which originates from the Assam region in India. Oud is actually produced when the heartwood of the Agar tree becomes infected by a particular mould. In reaction to the infection, the tree produces a dark, dense and very fragrant resin to protect itself. This is what we know as Oud.


Oud is one of our favourite scents here at Celona. It has a very pungent, warm and smokey fragrance. Whilst it is very popular, especially in the Middle East, it is not to everyone’s liking as it can be quite overpowering. We knew we always wanted to have an Oud scented candle in our collection, but we wanted it to be slightly different from what is already out there on the market. Appealing to those noses who have not yet built up a relationship with the smell of Oud was important to us. In order to achieve this we knew we wanted to retain the strong and distinguished Oud smell, but slightly reduce its potency and add a bit of freshness to the scent. This is why we introduced Bergamot for its sweet and fresh properties as well as Vanilla to remove the harsh edges. What you are left with is a well rounded Oud fragrance which still holds on to the properties you would typically expect from Oud fragrance but with an added bit of freshness. 

Our Agarwood Oud scented candle is available in two sizes and you can check them out here.