Scent Story: Plum & Pomegranate

Originally, we never had this scent profile on our radar, but when we first smelt the end result, we instantly fell in love with it. Our Plum and Pomegranate has a very mysterious and alluring pull to it. We can't really put our finger on it, it just captures anyone that it comes into contact with, including us. This was further evidenced when we did our user testing. We presented a variety of different fragrances to our users when finalising our range and 90% of our potential customers had this scent in their top two favourites. When asked why, there was no consensus. It was just, ‘there is something about it but I can't quite put my finger on it’. 

What we love the most about this fragrance is its sweetness combined with a slight woody undertone. The Amber in this fragrance is not too strong, but the perfect amount to compliment the Plum, Pomegranate and Violet Leaf.

Our Plum and Pomegranate scented candle is available in two sizes and you can check them out here