11 Candle Terms You Need To Know

              Candle lingo can sometimes be a little confusing, so we have assembled a list of 11 key terms that we feel you should know. 

Scented Soy Wax Candle



Burn Time: The amount of time it takes for the candle to completely run out of wax.

Cold Throw: The release of fragrance from the candle when it is not burning.

Cure Time: The time it takes for the wax and fragrance oil to fully combine. Our soy wax candles are left to cure for a specific period of time before they are shipped. This ensures that the fragrance oil and soy wax can fully bond together to achieve the optimum scent throw.

Frosting: The white crystalisation that can form on the top of some natural waxes. Occurs most often on soy wax candles because the wax is trying to return to its original form. It is important to note that this phenomenon DOES NOT affect the performance of the candle.

Hot Throw: The release of fragrance from the candle when it burns.

Melt Pool: The melted wax of a burning candle. A full melt pool is when the top layer of wax has melted completely. 

Mushrooming: The build up of carbon at the tip of the wick.

Soot: The black smoke that is emitted from a burning candle.

Tunneling: When the wick burns straight down the centre of the candle leaving unmelted wax around the sides. To avoid tunnelling, the first burn is very important. This is why we recommend burning your scented candle for a minimum of 2 hours on your first burn to reduce the chances of tunneling. 

Wax: The solid substance that holds the fragrance and melts into a liquid when it is heated.

Wick: The material that holds the flame of the candle.